Idea - Option to "read raw" :

As already mentioned on other thread, if possible implement a “read raw” function that will send a 1-wire read command and dump all the data “as is” to the memory card. This will allow to fetch data on i-buttons that are not on a standard format and have way more data than the regular dallas 01 format.

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We’ve been thinking of doing that, but at the moment there’s more important things to implement, so this is currently in the backlog


I would definitely vote for that. I have a few iButtons with Data on them I would really like to emulate.
We are working with Taxameters and the rate is made by the government so for every municipal has a special rate.
We can program these rates with iButtons. We download them on iButtons and program them with these iButtons. So I have about 20 Buttons to work with, would be nice to use the Flipper instead.

I have a USB adapter from Maxim Integrated (DS1402D) so I could read a lot of iButtons, just tell me what you need and I try to help. Unfortunately I am not very experienced with programming and mostly working with Windows.

One thing is to dump the data as is, that would be relatively easy, as flipper would need to send the read command to the button and save the output to a file,
Emulating is another story … It’s harder as flipper do need to know the exact format of the data so it can send it to the reader/device, implementing a “dump” of whatever the button send and save that data should be way more “universal”, emulating a specific format requires understanding that specific format and can’t be done on a “generic” way as dump can …