[Idea] Music production

Hello the cyber dolphinus team!
I just want to know first if the speaker is ok for play a great sound!
If yes, let’s code something from that :smiley:


that’s my code for web devices iff someone can say to me how to run it on the flipper zero we can work together :smiley:

or something like the nanoloop on Gameboy can be crazzy…


see you !



It might be possible to have bluetooth audio output as well.


I would love to see a script for touchtone dialing! Something useful…


anyone think this would be interesting to do something similar to dropmix? add various loops by scanning rfid chips corresponding to your CD collection or loops/media? obviously we dont want any legal issues, so you have to personally add music you own, but the app could have a “load loop or MP3”, write to RFID option, and then the actual music section would scan RFID to post the loop or song to one of 4 tracks, from a list of 4, then scanning the card. selecting the pad then pressing left will remove the track/pause it, and right could be settings, such as saving, or speeding up/slowing down, etc.

Thank’s guys ! :smiley:
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please, mp3 player… it’s possible?

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What if you use a buzzer? It would be a sweet 8bit soundproduction.