[IDEA] Guest mode

I’m looking forward to storing all of the RFID/NFC cards I have. It will not be often, but there might be a situation when I’ll need to share my flipper to some friends but I might not want them to see other cards/codes.

It might be a good idea to mark a card as guest-friendly and for example, holding up a button for 5 seconds turning on a guest mode which will allow access only selected cards. To unlock everything would be needed a password/key combination.


Hi! Sounds interesting, will add this to our backlog.


Sounds like a great idea. It would have to persist through powering off/on so it would be a firmware thing.
What if you forget the password? USB recovery? NFC? IR? Bluetooth wouldn’t be secure.

Nfc sounds great: “touch an empty tag to write restore key”
Or maybe mortal combat combination displayed on setting up “keep this combination safe - this is your restore key”

If everything is lost, the only solution will be hard reset through a computer.

I think we can combine it with locking mechanism (they mentioned it in kickstarter) so this will be “just” a removal of authorization in some items. (I know that things which sounds easy usually take a lot of time)

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