Idea - Frequency analyzer - save to text file :

An option to generate a log of the last detected frequency to a txt file on the memory card with time stamp ? One could leave the flipper capturing frequency and logging them to a list with a time stamp.
Later one could check the file to detect signals transmitted / grabbed by flipper to further check those frequency.


Yeah would be handy. I’ve been logging down transmission frequencies manually but not had any luck capturing them again using read especially as it’s trial and error guessing the modulation.

Is one type of modulation more likely than others?

Having timestamps and collecting data over a few days you might see patterns that would make it more likely to catch a signal at a specific time.

It wouldn’t help you out with modulation and you would need to have the frequencies added on your config file but it would help for example to figure out patterns in time when some signals are emmited on a specific frequency, like for example from how many time (time frequency) a specific thermal sensor/meteorologic station emits the data by radio or even to figure out for example when in time it’s expected for us to have a signal on a frequency to save to analyze. If i know that it takes exactly 1 hour for a certain signal to be emmited on a specific frequency i can be ready to save a raw on the correct time. Having a log file with time and frequency collected over time does help with this.

That sounds like a good idea for an external plugin, as it’s not something that most users need, but is really handy

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Ideally someting to be added to the already modifyed version of the frequency analyzer …