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[IDEA] Flipper as remote control for anti-theft bicycle (bike) alarm

I guess many of future flipper users are bike/bicycle riders.
So flipper can be used as remote control for anti-theft alarm system.
Not only for bikes, but for any valuable things you have to leave without attention.
Of course we need some off-the-shelf device to be mounted on a bicycle with a motion sensor and radio compatible with CC1101.
If there is no suitable device, maybe develop a new one.
Such use case will also motivate people to never forget Flipper at home.

This Anti-theft alarm system, what does he do?
If you try to theft my bicycle, i recive in my app a notification?
If you […], the system set a allarm?

The problem is the range i supposed, because is ok if you are near the bicycle, but if you are in another place?

This is just the suggestion of a possible use case.
While the bicycle part detecting vibration signal will be transmitted to Flipper (rx mode should be active).
Flipper includes buzzer and vibration motor. Both of them can be used for notification.
Also it can be notification in the app via BLE, I guess.
Range depends from bicycle part too, more TX power + good antenna = better range.
Of course if you are very far away this is rather useless.

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I guess flipper can’t be always reviving / decrypt signals, or the battery would die soon.

It is a portable device and you need to use the radio the minimal amount possible, just to send a command or revive data on a small period of time. It can’t be on 24/7 I guess.

Am I right ?

Yes, you are right. But:

  1. It will be enough if the flipper will turn on radio RX mode only for e.g. ~50 ms each 1-2 seconds. Bicycle part should TX alarm signals continuously -> alarm will be detected with max 1-2 seconds delay, but power consumption will be 10-20 times lower compared to always on RX.
  2. It should not listen for alarm signals 24/7. Just when it is really needed, maybe 10 minutes or 1-2 hours while the bicycle is without line of sight. And of course you should manually turn on/off RX mode on flipper and active mode on the bicycle part.
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Good ideas, go for it…