How to share a URL via NFC?

Hi! Just got my flipper and have been playing around with it, mega fun! I saw @Astra share a .nfc file before that opens the Flipper website when a phone taps it. How could I make one of those .nfc files to share a URL that I want?


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I do not think Flipper can generate this for you…

What I did was use the Android App Tag Writer to write a URL to a NCF sticker then read the sticker into my Flipper.

Here is the file from my Flipper, when read/scanned should direct to YouTube to be RickRoll’ed
Rickroll.nfc (3.3 KB)

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I did exactly the same way.

@nickflip :

Try this python script

Example Use:
./ "Rick Roll" > save_file.nfc

NOTE: this requires ndeflib library – NOT ndef (they both instal with the same name).

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This is so amazing! Thanks a ton for making it @evlpete! The script I noticed was just missing a space on line 68 but after that change, put it on my flipper and it worked great! Kudos to you

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Sorry, I’m new to Python… Where do you place the url in the script? Or where do you place the “./ “Rick Roll” > save_file.nfc”?