How to brute force garage doors

Im just confuse which Sub-GHz to use to brute force any garage doors (CAME 12bit 433MHz,NICE 12bit 433MHz,CAME 12bit 868MHz …) and what is difference between all that diffrend MHz?

Within the ISM Band the vendor of a wireless remote is free to choose a frequency, regulated by the law of the country.

If I want to sell my garage door opener worldwide, I need to choose a very specific frequence or build multiple transmitter for each country …

The flipper has only limited power, so if you add as much information as possible in the transmitted signal, it will decrease the runtime of the attack.

Imagine a password. If you try every single combination if a 8 character password, it will take a while. If you already know there are just numbers or just letters, the number of possible combinations will decrease.
I don’t think the flipper will be able to Brute Force every possible CAME variation, so you need to preset the frequency of your target.

Even if Brute Force is no very elegant.
I used it in the past, if the CFO again forgot to document the password for the annual report… And every year I was a little faster, because I knew how he combined his passwords.

There are smarter ways to get into the garage, if you already knew the type/frequency. Ask yourself what information you could also could collect, with physical access.


The previous reply covered things pretty well accept for one thing possibly lost in translation.

I think they meant something more like.

The Flipper can only generate a limited number of codes in a time period. When the codes are more complex or if you have to try the same code on multiple frequencies(MHz) it will take longer to brute force the code.

Flipper Sub gigahertz radio is capable of 300MHz to 928MHz but some frequencies are locked out for legal reasons based on the country you are in. Check what frequencies are legal in your country because those are the ones you need to focus on.