How do I build my own remote?

What would it take if I would want to have/make a remote that allows using the 5 button wheel to directly send IR codes (to emulate the 5 button wheel on Samsung or Alexa remotes)?

It appears to me that requires extending the firmware. I did not see IDE environment that would work on Windows. I will need Linux running docker. Then I will need to install tool chain, clone source code from GitHub, make modifications and build my own firmware which I can upload via USB. I probably would need ST link and access to the inside of the flipper device if I would want to debug the code. Is this recommended approach at this time?

Are there any reading materials besides what is on Github and the source code to learn about the software modules?

We’re currently in the process of writing docs for app development, but the system API is not yet stable and changes really often, so apps and docs will be hard to maintain. That will all change when the FW 1.0.0 will be released (probably in Q3 2022), but until then your best options for learning really are the github repo and user-made forks

Most of what you’ve said is correct, building is well-supported on Linux and macos, you’ll need to install the toolchain (the instructions are quite straightforward and are in the github Readme file), and so on. Basically, you’ve recited the whole workflow correctly.

There’s also some useful info in this thread