How can I keep my device compliant if I move to a different region

I realize the devices are region locked to maintain legal compliance based on the region the device was delivered. How can I stay compliant if I were to use the device in a region other than it’s original delivery?


I believe it uses the hardware ID to lock down the device. But it’s open source so you could just adjust the logic that determines the lockouts and rebuild the firmware.

That’s actually quite a tricky question and we’re currently thinking on how to solve this, I’ll get back to you when we’ll have a solution


Actually, a lot of VHF Radio stations, for example in Marine industry, have a Setting page to change the region.

This is due to when the ship leaves Europe and enters US, we go to Settings and switch the region.

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I have the same issue.

We’re working on a new region provisioning scheme, it should be coming in the next month or so

@Astra Thanks again for your update. I finally got my unit. I am is R3, but I am flying back to the State next month for work. So it would be great to switch it back to R2 :slight_smile:

Cheers. and keep up the great work.