Hormann Garage Opener


I have access to a garage door system that I can record the RAW, play it back and it works every time. I suspect this is a static code?

Attached is a recording of pressing the button on the remote 10 times. It was 868.35Mhz and AM650 modulation.

How can I get this to work with the “Read” function and not just “Read Raw”?

HORMANN.sub (63.3 KB)



I also have a Hormann opener. Am able to replay, but it doesn’t work with the read feature for me as well. Not sure what’s up with that.

This is because the protocol is not yet implemented. The Read function can only receive signals that it knows how to parse. Please wait until your signal protocol is implemented.


I managed to trigger the read function when you press the senders button for more than 5sec and put it into transfer mode. unfortunately the flipper crashes when I try to send this signal…

For me a Read Raw and sending back of that signal works for me.

What Kind of Hormann do you have? Is it with bisecure?