HID 0009P (1386LGGMN / 26Bit H10301) ISOProx II Proximity Card not reading

This is definitely code-related, flipper’s 125khz antenna is suitable for all types of LF-RFID cards

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Looking forward to the next update then… So many cards, so few card emulators!

Tried reading a 26 bit HID ISOProx II 0008P but also could not read or write. Definitely looking forward to future releases with expanded HID card support

I am unable to read HID 0009P but I am able to read HID 0002D. Unit has FW: 0.55.1

Piggybacking on here to say that Flipper isn’t reading my ProxCard II as well. Have tried the reboots and updating of firmware.

I just want to say I really appreciate all of the dev’s hardwork and passion for this project! This is turning out to be a great community!

Photo for reference

Adding my voice to the chorus of people asking for support for this feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Adding my voice as well to get this project going. Would love the support for ProxCard II!

I’ve tried 5 different cards and an HID fob with no luck. Please fix this- I really need this feature to work! Thanks!

We hear you and are working on RFID RAW right now. Please don’t flood this thread with un-needed posts, as it only makes it harder to find relevant information


I was able to get this working after updating my Flipper to the Release Candidate version and restarting. Afterwards, my RFID cards began reading as expected.

Even after updating to the latest development firmware (f6384116) I’m still unable to read from the card mentioned by the OP (HID 0009P)

@Astra Is there an issue open already on GitHub for this? I’d like to be able to follow the development work, but the only related issue I was able to find was this one which mentions 34bit HID but not the specific card or format.

As I have said above, we’ll start working on HID 0009P after we finish RFID RAW

The work on 0009P cards hasn’t yet been started as we are working on RAW