HashCat IR

Has anyone done password cracking techniques with any of these IR databases in an attempt to get interesting results from their tv’s?

Brute force.

Get a remote for your TV and read some keys, you will have Protocol plus address.
Send commands from 00 to FF one by one. With luck you will get some secret menus depending of the TV … On old TVs you need sequency of codes like on Philips RC5 that service commands are normaly a combination of 5 commands. For example even on modern samsung you need to send first “info” and only then “factory” for it to work. On LG INSTART, INSTOP, ADJ, etc are a single command so for cases like that you will get something with brute force all available commands. Be sure to send to the correct address.

That’s basically what I’m doing.

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You’re rad. I’ll try tomorrow if I remember!