Hacking rolling Code with Kaiju


I would like to test to hack a rolling code on a sub Ghz remote I own.
I would like to do it with Kaiju - Welcome

Only problem is : The RAW data has to be Hex or Binary. And the Raw Data from Flipper is not modulated already… SO when i want to push data like on this example :

It’s not the good format.

Do you know how to extract or convert Raw Data from Flipper Zero to Binary or Hex data ?


We can only provide information about our file format, the rest is on you, as we don’t support Kaiju at all

These Raw Data is a binary File. Rename it to bin.
Sorry if I underestimate you.

Has anyone been able to get this api to work with free license? I get “no API support”

I can use their web tool in here: Kaiju - Welcome

And how do you upload captures, because I see nothing.

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If you log in, you have on the left side menu:

  • Analyse and then Flipper Zero option to upload directly .sub file
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Ty, I just didn’t have a free license

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you are welcome!

Hello, I am the Kaiju developper.
Just to let you know there are now free Kaiju Trial licenses with API support enabled.
And Kaiju now supports Flipper Zero RAW .sub file format, just have a look here https://pandwarf.com/news/kaiju-supports-flipper-zero-sub-ghz-signal-files/
So you don’t have to convert pulse width duration into binary format.

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Hi there @Tartopom , i did create a Kaiju account and i see that you guys mainly have Keeloq support, i think it’s a cool service but expensive… I did get a free trial and it’s nice. I like that it can use Sub files and you guys do have way more KeeLoq manufacturer keys than flipper have … I would like to see the manufacturer key when sending a sample with keeloq so that i could add that to flipper … Also it would be cool if Kaiju could parse fixed codes as well, not just rolling codes and Keeloq. At any rate looks good. Also hope that you guys do implement generation of rolling codes in flipper SUB format so i can test to generate new rolling codes with Kaiju and send them with flipper when manufacturer key for specific vendors are not known by flipper so no chance to generate next codes with flipper but possible to do so with Kaiju. Regards.