Guillemot STM DFU Device Driver Fix!

If this driver keeps reinstalling itself and is stopping you from updating your Flipper then here’s the fix. This was a bit of a headache because no matter if I had Device Manager delete the driver it always came back within seconds and Flipper will not update unless you remove this driver so here goes.

  • Delete these 2 folders
    -C:\Program Files\Guillemot
    -C:\Program Files(x86)\Guillemot
  • Go to Device Manager, uninstall the Guillemot STM DFU Device.
  • Reboot
  • Try updating Flipper as normal.
    At this point that rouge driver should not take over and the proper driver should work as intended. I’m assuming from my minimal research that this rouge driver was from a sim racing peripheral that i used. Not sure which one though. Hope this helps.