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GPS module for wardriving

Why don’t you add GPS module for having a real wardriving device?
It would be able to save GPS coordinates whenever a handshake is captured and plot it on a map (like pwnagotchi project).

Some RPZW module includes global 3G/2G cellular modem with GPS + SIM.

It’s quite expensive but it adds GPS capability in addition to an extra remote GSM C2 capabilitiy…
And it’s completely adapted to RPIZW

TL;DR it’s dramatically increase power consumption

Plus you can simply log rssi/names of surrounding networks and figure out geographical coordinates more or less precisely using google’s geolocation api (only in urban areas of course).

I think it is possible to have BT connection with your smartphone to just ask it for the location coordinates and to get the Internet connection to upload all the collected data to a server. So I see no reasons for an extra embedded GPS receiver+antenna.

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It’s a good idea. Use the BT connection to take advantage of the features already present with the smartphone

Using ublox NEO-6M in low-power mode with 1Hz refresh rate consumes around 11mA, according to datasheet.