Gas Sign edit

For the gas-sign-edit files, in the UK do I need to change the frequency for each one to 433.92 or should I just leave them as they are? Also I’m not really sure how it works, I looked on the github and I was confused because they talked about some specific code on the gas sign chip.

I would like to know as well

Please don’t use this nefariously. The people that get blamed when the sign has the wrong price are low paid and under appreciated. Having done that work I can tell you customers aren’t pleasant when they think they were deceived.

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No no, I don’t have the intention to use it this way - I just want to learn more about how frequencies differ in the UK from other parts of the world, that’s why I’m asking how it would vary with the gas sign edit files.

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My guess is the frequencies would fall into the industrial, scientific and medical(ISM) bands however changing the frequencies likely won’t work. Imagine if the codes were all the same and there were two gas stations next to each other. That would be an issue. The frequencies commonly used can travel a pretty good distance. You would see many accidental and malicious changes.

For the GAS SIGN edit you need for the remote serial to match the reciever serial. The posted files will not work out of the box, each device/reciever have it’s code/serial.

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