FlipperZero DSTIKE deauther module based on ESP8266

Hi community,

I want to share with you with my recent project.

DSTIKE Deauther

FlipperZero Module work demonstation link below

Work demonstration


Below you can find link to project GitHub page



Great project. The UI looks very clean and easy to use! Congrats.

In your readme file, you had the information the requirement is a “WeMos D1 Mini” or “Mini Pro”, with a quick search I found several variations like:

  • D1 Mini CH340
  • D1 Mini FT232
  • D1 Mini Pro 16 Mb
  • D1 Mini Pro 4 Mb
  • D1 Mini v3.0
  • D1 Mini v4.0

For the first 2, the difference looks just in the FTDI chip, and the other ones with more or less memory. Witch variation model, did you use?

For the version that you have in development will be better to acquire one with more memory?

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Thank you for kind words and interest in this project!
For the UI all credit goes to original developer https://github.com/SpacehuhnTech/esp8266_deauther
My work was to get it work for Flipper as a module.

I don’t think you’ll need a lot of memmory on one of these.
Mine D1 with 4MB, but the documentation to original project there is next statement about flash size and as I understand 1MB is also can be used.

I have all D1 Minis with CH320 chip.


thank you very much SequoiaSan and Spacehuhn Technologies · GitHub, it worked for me


Thank you for your positive feedback! Is very pleasing to hear that someone found a time to build the project :slight_smile:

Loved this project, got myself a NodeMCU just to test it and worked like a charm! Had to rebuild from arduino IDE instead of bin flash to select extra SPIFFS for it, for some reason deauth wouldnt go with it flashed from bin.

Now I’m working on getting it all soldered up into a nice hat for flipper =)

Thanks again for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing! I happy to hear that everything (almost) worked well for you! :slight_smile:

I bought a pre-built dstike setup that has gpio spot to add pins as well as a battery port for a lithium battery and external antenna. It also comes pre flashed with the firmware, but wasn’t sure how to connect it to the flipper. I got it from a link on the flipper github, but the only connection instructions I saw was if you built one yourself. Do you think you could help?

This is the one I got

Hi Michael_King!

Frankly, I don’t see the reason why you want to connect this thing to Flipper :slight_smile:
This Deauther that you bought can work as a standalone self-sufficient device.

The Deauther GitHub project is for those who don’t want to buy a such device or want to build it yourself using Flipper.

I want to say that you won’t achieve anything if you somehow connect it to the Flipper.


Hello i build the project but when i start Deauther to Attack nothing happen.
Only when i uae Bacon i see clones.
I cant block selected Wi fi

@SequoiaSan Great addition to the flipper! Can you tell me if deauther v2 can be used with such a simple menu as dstike has on our flippers?

@SequoiaSan the deauther doesnt work the beacon is the only thin that works in the attack option

Do you know if there is any way to add the SD card rearder?