Flipper Zero NFC/RFID not working

Anyone else with a Flipper Zero not having any luck in using it beyond being an infrared remote?
I can’t open any garage doors (tried it on 4 different doors), can’t scan any ID cards & can’t get the Amiibos to be used on the Switch. One of the main value propositions was the Sub-GHz, RFID and NFC features, but can’t get any success with them so far. Not sure if it’s a limitation in the F/ware (I have tried, stock, Unleashed and Rogue Master) or if my FZ is defective?

The Amiibo emulation should definitely work. Can you show your steps on trying to emulate it? Maybe record a video of you doing it and upload it here

Hello Astra, I have tested it again and took a video showing that the Amiibo is not working with the Switch.
Link to video: Amazon Drive

The antenna is located in the back of the flipper, not the side. Here’s a docs page with the video of how you should touch your flipper to a reader to emulate the signal. The same goes for 125khz RFID emulation.

That worked! I also was able to scan my work ID card (but couldn’t open it - got some RX message). I am so embarrassed about all of this. Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: