Flipper Zero & Liftmaster Security+ 2.0 Receiver - Rolling Code?!

Hello World !

I’m using DoorKing DKS 8066-082 MicroClik 1-Button Gate/Garage Door Remote / DoorKing Handheld Garage Door Type RF 66T FCC ID LSD66T to get in/out w/ Liftmaster MATDCBB3 Commercial Gate Operator,Barrier (includes 850LM Security+ 2.0 Receiver).

I’m wondering if the Flipper Zero can act as “Garage Door Remote” :wink: won’t hurt to have it as a backup :wink:

Via Sub-GHz → ReadRAW - I was able to record a signal from the garage door remote, however due to rolling code, that only worked once (good attempt, however not very useful).

Is there a way to teach Flipper Zero to using the garage door remote w/out Gate Operator,Barrier or is there only way to go via a learning button?

Please advise)
Thanks in advance!