Flipper will not Read my HID RFID Cards

I can’t seem to get the Flipper RFID reader to read the RFID cards we use in my building, they are HID ISOProx II cards. I’m pretty sure they are 33 bit and I know 100% they are for a DSX access control system. The Flipper acts like it wants to read the card, because I can see the blue light flashing like it recognizes a RFID Card is present, and I don’t see this blue light activity when I move the Flipper away from the RFID card, but it just simply will not read the card. The NFC works just fine, I can read my Credit Cards, My Passport, and other NFC devices so I don’t think this is a hardware issue… any idea if these HID RFID cards will be supported on Flipper, Including a Screenshot of the RFID Badges I’m talking about


@zhovner any idea if these cards will be supported in the future?

also wondering about this.
i haven’t been able to read what i thought would be a simple key card.

For now it only reads 26 bit for HID. Just buy a Keysy it’s $50 and you can copy all LF fobs including all HID LF.

^^ This. D10202 is a 33 bit format. Only 26 bit appears to be supported right now. :frowning: