Flipper One/Transparent case

I just discovered this project from the Kickstarter campain, and I already love it!
The Flipper Zero has unfortunately not enough features to be interesting for me but I’m looking forward to the One!
From what I understood, it will be launched only after the Zero campain, when the prototype is ready, if the campaign is sucessfull (with more than 1 530% backed at the time I write this I think we can call this sucessfull!), have you any idea of when it will be available and at what price?

Also a very cool “feature” would be to have a transparent case to reveal the inside electronics!

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I would also like to know if there is a planned schedule for the One and what the pricing scheme is going to be! Would gladly wait if it’s up to my budget, else I’ll go with the Zero.

This is a very great idea! But in fact, the transparent case can be made by yourself :slight_smile:

I’d love to see some 90’s-inspired transparent cases. I’m thinking something like this.


Or this.

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What extra features does the One have other than kali linux / networking? Is there anything the zero has that the one will not have like the Infrared learning feature for instance?

@Shadow12513 According to Flipper website the differences are:

  • Way better CPU to support Kali Linux
  • Wifi
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • Smaller battery? (1600mAh instead of 2000, but it’s maybe not up to date because the schema showing the 1600mAh battery has still the Raspberry in it)
  • Maybe more because it’s still in developpement!

It is indeed still under development so no one knows for sure what the flipper one will be capable of but with the stretch goals of the kick starter the flipper zero will also have Bluetooth and NFC!

The main design difference is that the flipper one will be running linux and while the flipper zero won’t.
This potentially opens the way to wifi attacks and usb gadget emulation as well as running all the pentest tools compiled for arm linux.

I love purple transparent cases, it would be amazing to get flipper in such shell.