Flipper not out of stock but replaced with unable to ship to united states

hey, I’m very new to this whole flipper zero (only discovered it yesterday) and I immediately wanted to buy one but yesterday the store on joom said it was out of stock. today, however, it no longer says out of stock but rather unable to deliver to the united states

probably a lot of people spamming with these “where the hell are they” kinds of posts so forgive me if I’m contributing to that. I’m just wondering what this means and the estimated time it would be to be orderable again in the US i don’t really care about shipping time as long as I receive it in the end


@Desper same here. Hopefully someone from Flipper will jump in and let us know what’s going on with shipping to United States.

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Echoing everyone else here, discovered flipper post kickstarter and would be a huge asset for my home automation building. I’ve been monitoring joom was taken by surprise at the change in out of stock to unable to deliver. Any info would be greatly appreciated - would love to get my hands on one

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I just ordered 14 of them from joom.
Getting delivered to canada . Paid over $300 for each.

Expensive (when compared with initial price) …

Im also wondering the same.

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The Joom store has Flippers in stock, but they don’t ship to the US, as is clearly indicated on https://shop.flipperzero.one. We will re-open sales in the US next month.


Joom store is selling expensiver than other partners/resellers for 225$ where LAB401 list it with 169 Euros (175$). Scalpers buy them to resell for up to 1000$ at StockX Flipper Zero Portable Multitool - US Market control and limitation of 1 piece order and having different resellers around the world would save all unnecessary costs. Hope you act here in interest of users.

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Will you guys reopen in November or December?

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Echoing @Log, will you reopen them in Nov.? or Oct.

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From my understanding, Astra has mentioned a few times “next month”. This was said 10/29. So to me, I wouldn’t expect anything sooner than 11/26. I am sure they want to open up sales to the US asap, as the holidays are a major revenue stream for any business.

I am sure with some patience, we will be able to get them soon. Not too far fellow ladies and gents in the US! :pinching_hand::crossed_fingers:

Just check back frequently so you can get them before the bots buy them all… Haha

Does anyone know why they don’t sell them on hak5?

Is there any way to lock 1 down now?! I’m fine with throwing $20/$40 shit $60 extra in if I knew for sure the extra would be going to the DEVS and not some shit head eating Cheetos re-selling them…granted I love Cheetos, throwing the money back into the minds that made the devices would be preferred!!

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They’re supposed to be in stock for US in a week or two. Or you can use a reputable re-shipping service.