Flipper Devices freq?

I was running Frequency Analyser and it found freq 434.775 MHz which seems to be used by “FLIPPER DEVICES INC” https://fccid.io/2A2V6-FZ
Does this have something to do with Flipper Zero or was this just. weird luck?

Edit: Now when I read it more it clearly says " FLIPPER DEVICES INC Flipper Zero FZ" so what is this thing and why FA found that?

For them to sell Flipper on USA and because it uses radio they have to register it and have an FCC ID like all products on USA that use radio … the link you posted is the FCC ID of flipper zero… Just that. as they have radio they need to have a fccid as well … makes sense ?

Yep. But like there was on my message was it just a coincidence that my flipper zero happened to hear that freq twice on freq analyser? Or does it mean that there was another FZ near me?

A lot of devices use that frequency range. Another Flipper isn’t likely at this point.

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Agree, also for it to be another flipper that one would need to be re-sending something on that frequency just like radio hacker, etc … it wouldn’t be sending a specific packet on that frequency to catch other flippers as it’s not implemented yet. For it to be a flipper it would be replaying something on that frequency like replicating a remote that already operates on that range, etc …

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