File types - Storage & download - Read RAW sub 1GHZ analysis

How are the recorded files stored? It would be interesting to be able to analyse the raw sub 1GHz recorded files with either something like a primitive oscilloscope on the device (could do something like define thresholds and view as timed sequences of ASK or OOK but without any particular protocol framing), or, alternately, download raw files to PC for viewing/analysis elsewhere.

The files only store the timings between changes from a 0 to a 1 and vice versa in the decoded signal coming from the CC1101 chip. This chip doesn’t have the ability to output raw OOK/ASK data, only already processed AM/FM demodulation results.
The files can be found on the SD card in the subghz folder, you can open one up in a text editor and look at it.

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