Feature Suggestion - send serial commands, or send list of serial commands

What if you could type in commands, just like you can over a serial connection?

What if you could have a text file full of commands and use the app to “play” it to the Flipper Zero?

is this possible or likely?


That is theoretically possible but not planned as we aim to have all the functionality accessible via more convenient GUI interfaces

How does the app send commands? Is it like the serial interface possible via USB or different? Thank you

We use RPC over protobuf

Are there any plans to be able to launch “scripts” from the device itself (even simple command sequences - one command per line without any extra logic, like loops or variables)? It would be quite useful, just with that and a “wait/sleep” command, you could launch multiple RF and IR commands with just one button press.

Being able to create them quickly with the help of the serial CLI and just dropping them in a folder in the SD card for later use would be fantastic.