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Feature request : quick use menu

Hi :slight_smile:

I was thinking a quick use menu would be a killer feature for the flipper one, something like pressing ok button for 2 seconds, then choosing 2 directions (for 8 presets, just like quickchat in Rocket League :slight_smile: ). These presets should be shortcuts for opening a specific parking door, scan frequencies, etc.

This quick use menu could also be available in the mobile apps, but I think it’s better if the Flipper could be autonomous.

A great improvement on this feature would be adding haptic feedback (on the buttons, or with little vibrations), as we could use Flipper Zero without having to look at its screen, making it faster to use.

With these features, Flipper Zero could easily replace every personnal remotes, and it shoud be great if every use of the quick use menu could be a caress to our dolphin :slight_smile:


Great idea. +1

Yes, very usefull !