[Feature request] MicroPython interpreter for Flipper

Hello Pasha and The Team!)

First of all, thank your awesome work.
I can’t stand waiting for my Flippers :3
I have so many ideas to do with it!)

So, one of my idea was to add to flipper
Some abilities to run micropython code.
But, first of all, I’m not well in C or in C++.
The second thing is that, I can’t even imagine where should I start to add such ability to Flipper (its os?)

Also, I have readed all comments on habr and every topic here, info about hakathon, and have concluded, that programming on such device in not so easy.

May be is it possible to write something like a python wrapper for Flipper os and its peripherals or something like that?

Do you have plans to implement such thing?
I understand, what interpreter is little heavy thing for microcontroller, but around 2 years ago I have successfully flashed esp8266 with micropython. Writing code for blink leds with animated switch on Fllippers displays by button pump implemented in ~10 lines in python will feel like a magic, I think…