Feature Request: Magspoof

Would it be possible to implement a small electromagnetic coil on the right hand “wall” of the device to emulate magnetic stripe cards? Something in the same line as Samyk’s Magspoof device?


This would be a great addition, you could even work in a card reader, maybe swiping down one side.

That would be amazing to have a card reader and emulator. Maybe a card writer could even be fit in. I imagine it’s probably too late to implement this into the Flipper Zero, but it could always be made as a hardware addon module. The magspoof hardware is not very large or power hungry: https://samy.pl/magspoof/. Most traditional card readers are quite large, but Square has a card reader that is about the size of a US Quarter, so it’s definitely possible to make a small reader.


Not having this seems like a huge omission, given the other features of this device! Especially since it can be done so small, these “square” readers are incredibly tiny and could be built into the case of this device, and the coil needed is tiny and only the motor to drive it is needed. Having it as an add-on for a features that feels so basic to this device would make it rather bulkier, and way more awkward. Think about it, team, squeeze it in!

I’ll join the choir and say congrats on blowing the Kickstarter away, I’m looking forward to mine! Amazing thing you’re building

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This guy even managed to simplify the hardware so no motor-driver is needed, just a transistor and a coil.

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maybe add it as a hardware plugin can be easily done for flipper zero. First thing as to do list when received :upside_down_face:

If it could be made small enough to tuck inside the case, this could be a huge feature. Many doors and access systems still use magstripe cards for access. Many have been replaced by NFC and RFID cards. I can see using it, at least in my case, as a “card wallet” of sorts so that I carry all the silly loyalty cards I use for shops, but in a fun case with a cute dolphin buddy instead of a 4cm thick stack of annoying plastic.

I see a beautiful 3rd-party module request here. The reader at least, the writer is just a wire.
Will the RFID antenna have enough power to emulate it? Could it? (I don’t think so, but I’ll hope)

Well, i’ll be sitting here till i have my flipper zero.

We have to do this.-

This is a great thread and a great idea.

We’ve had a few people declare their interest in making a magspoof or magstripe reader/writer/emulator module on the discord.
As for who will actually step up to the plate and make it, we’ll have to wait and see.

If you’re interested in making the module, there’s info on module development here:

For those of you who aren’t using a chromium-derivative browser, you’ll have to scroll down a bit, past the hardware development section to get to the module developers section (chromium browsers will scroll you down automatically).