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Feature request for app

For the app I have a feature request:

To be less conspicuous, it would be very cool if it is possible to control the flipper from the app:
1/ Basic: simple emulation of the flipper screen and buttons on the app.
2/ Better: ‘Basic’ + possibility to add personalized data/graphs/etc to create a kind of dashboard of interesting data.
3/ Best: ‘Better’ + app creation (buttons, graphs etc) to make it possible to create an app interface without app-programming skillz. (app inventor style?) so this can be connected to and control (for example) the flipper (home made) software.
4/ Expert: ‘Best’ + possibility to ‘connect’ sensors of smartphone to flipper. for example to use the wifi/gps/motion sensors. (not sure if you would runn into ‘android/apple-restrictions’)

I hope you can consider this feature request


I will add 1 more idea to the above:
’Find my Flipper’ - in case you misplaced your flipper this would either turn on some kind of buzzer or/and maybe show the last GPS location from when Flipper was connected to the phone.

or utilise Bluetooth for seperation alerts (like all the other devices out there) and also the ’Find my Flipper’ function over Bluetooth, like Samsung watch to find phone and vise versa

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Maybe not an app idea but a development decision in general. How about using Flutter for Android and iOS development the advantage would be to only have one codebase for the protocol, data models and the UI. The only problem mentioned with cross platform frameworks like flutter is always that native things like bluetooth doesn’t work but even if this is the case as mentioned above we would still have one codebase for the protocol the data modes and the UI and would only need to implement Bluetooth support for each platform. I think this would be a good approach and later we could add windows, macOS and web support (still with flutter these platforms are just in beta right now but I’m already using web in production and it works greate with the same codebase which I use for Android and iOS).

Flutter already is in production ready for Android and iOS and later for web, Windows and macOS. Also we could improve the community plugins (like the Bluetooth plugin for iOS and Android) with help of this greate community and all the native Android and iOS Devs. Sounds like a win-win and we would have Flipper Apps for all platforms with almost one codebase.

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