Feature idea: Flipper as a pager

I’ve noticed using my Flipper and the qFlipper Android app by bluetooth that clearly things can happen on it in the background that make it do things. Things like software updates and the ‘play alert on flipper’ feature. I think a good feature to add to the software would be a way of using it as a pager where a message can be broadcast and the flipper picks it up and beeps and viabrates.

A good way so that one could broadcast these messages with a decent amount of power would be for it to use citizens band radio channels. I am in Australia and I have a five watt UHF radio and I think the flipper can receive these channels. It could be good if the broadcast containing the data which sends a ‘page’ to a Flipper worked as audio, because then one could hold the transmit button on their CB radio while it is near a computer speaker which beeps and such into it - this would make it very easy.

I am no radio expert however and there might be serious issues that make my whole idea impossible. I still think the essential concept of using a Flipper as a pager could be a neat idea. In my own life this feature could tell me if there are security or even server problems at home while I am out getting lunch. On another note there are no networks in my country Australia for pagers anymore, but there is stuff out there so we can build one.