Feature Idea: Basic scripting language

Hi all,

I was wondering if it’s possible to implement some sort of basic output reading and loops/if statements into the scripting lang, this would allow us to implement multiple different OS scripts into one TXT file (and have a check that runs different scripts, depending on the target machine’s OS).

Realistically all that is needed is the initial OS check, as once we know the OS, we can just write the desired loops or other statements using a local scripting language, such as PSH or bash (again, if we have output reading we can check the kind of shell that is being run).

I think this would really take the BadUSB concept to a new level (if it already exists please let me know).


How would you go about checking the machine’s OS? The BadUSB feature can only input keystrokes, it has no “return channel” for the machine to send information back.

If we can run commands could we use some kind of a notifier that the flipper listens out for to confirm whether it is one OS or the other? Maybe something could be broadcast over bluetooth that the flipper listens out for (not sure how BT works, so just trying to think of tech that is shared between the flipper zero and the target machine).