Favorites Feature

Would help speed up navigation a lot if there was a favorites feature. I’d envision it as being something that just has a menu entry for Favorites under stuff like Infrafred and Sub-Ghz. A long press on a saved device should add it to the favorites list and then when accessed from that favorites list can be executed as expected.

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I like that idea. With all the interesting projects my Flipper is a bit crowded.

Well, you can sort of do this on the mobile app. Clicking on any file in the “Archive” allows you to tap the star icon to add it to your favorites. The only downside is that this does not work if you have things organized into folders as it only reads the top-level directory.

I would still like to see an “Add to Favorites” features in the menus on the Flipper and I would also love to see the Flipper app support folders in the “Archive” Feature.

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