Failed to read Linear fob prox

My flipper was unable to detect a signal from my fob.
It’s a Linear ACT that uses 26 bit Wiegand.
The readers are Linear AM-DPR (dual proximity reader).
I’ve attached the RAW RFID data. (14.7 KB)

I figured it out.
The RFID tag uses the same facility code and S/N as the MegaCode RF transmitter, so in this case it’s 6 and 19390 which translates in hex to 064BBE.
I did manual input as an HID H10301 and it worked.

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It would be good if flipper could READ the RFID part without the need of using the SibGhz part to get the RFID code …

Yes it’s more of a workaround than a solution.

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This workaround worked for me as well - thank you for finding it.