External antenna via GPIO

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I’ve been wondering if there is a possibility to hook up an external antenna to the flipper zero. Preferably to the GPIO. My problem is, that for some applications I’d like to have an antenna that can pick up weaker signals easier. There was a post quite some time ago talking about using an additional antenna, but that was focused more on using the internal antenna and soldering an additional antenna to it which would probably only mess up the internal circuitry. What I have in mind is something, let’s say a simple wire, hooked up to one of the GPIO pins to function as an external antenna. Is it somehow possible to “tell” the CC1101 to use that pin? I’ve also seen external CC1101 modules, which apparently can be used with the Flipper. Might be a totally niche problem or idea, but maybe somebody has an answer or an idea :slight_smile:

You can already use an external cc1101 for sub-ghz. Using a ping with a wire as an antenna is a great idea tho in my opinion. Not sure if it works with the flipper how it is right now tho.

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Does the external CC1101 work with the standard FW or only modified ones?