Easiest "NOOB" access to computers?

Im very interested in the world of hacking but as said on a post before im a total NOOB, but always wanted to impress my girlfriend by interfering with her laptop (shes easily spooked XD) but also want to try setting my laptop up and hacking it without touching it. I HAVE no idea where to start, Ideally a full tutorial video would be helpful due to learning disabilities. I’d like to be able to access a PC Wirelessly too, access files and add/ copy them if a possibility? whats the easiest way to achieve this? thankyou for reading you guys and gals are amazing.

hello, to access a computer remotely you will need a computer or a Phone capable of running Metasploit. Wireless control beyond the keynote plug in is beyond the power of this device. For a simple demonstration like moving your girlfriends cursor whilst she is typing use the keynote app. Pair it to her laptop and keep it running. Then you will be able to use the arrows to move her cursor