Dooya (and clones) electric roller shutters / blinds

I would like to request support for dooya remotes.

  1. They operate between 433.887MHz and 443.92 Mhz
  2. I think the signal is PWM with 350 µs short 720 µs long with a 4800 initial sync (This is what worked for me in the plotter)
  3. Static code
  4. The flipper zero is capable of recording the signal in raw mode and it can effortlessly control the electric roller shutters by replaying the recorded data.

I have to break down this to several posts, because of the “Sorry, new users can only put 5 embedded media items in a post.” error.

I will attach pictures of 2 remotes. Both are completely functional. The first is a cheap counterfeit with no FCC ID and the second is an official Dooya remote. The raw recordings have been recorded from the counterfeit, because I no longer own the official.

Raw recordings (1/2):
Down_long.sub (19.8 KB)
Down_short.sub (5.9 KB)

Raw recordings (2/2):
Stop.sub (16.9 KB)
Up_long.sub (18.5 KB)
Up_short.sub (4.8 KB)

Pictures of my counterfeit remote (single channel, no FCC ID)

Pictures of a real compatible Dooya controller I no longer own (multi channel) (FCC ID: VYY-DC1662)

I implement support for this system, if it is possible to find records of a multi-channel remote control, in order to find out where the system channel is encoded

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Please check before adding to DEV. there are several questions about the performance of the implementation

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and give entries S4, S5, S6, S9 buttons. And it will be EXTREMELY useful to record buttons from another remote

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Cool !

Шторы_пульт (136.7 KB)