Development mode feature

Congrats for publishing the first version of the app on the Google Play Store!

Sadly, as I have a custom firmware developed and installed on my device already (with very minor POC changes so far) the app is failing to function reporting after several minutes of idling the “Connecting” spinner that my firmware have to be updated. I understand the potential versions incompatibility concern but is that really necessary to enforce that on a device explicitly intended for the CD? Please add a feature disabling any and all such checks specifically for those who actually know what they are doing.

E.g. instead of the “Update or else” order blocking the app completely for my custom firmware it could be an option to skip the check results after the polite warning, so the app continue working assuming all incompatibility risks on the user. I’ve been hoping to continue developing my features this weekend, but now it looks like I’m blocked.



Thank you so much for the feedback! I’ll add this.



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Tested. It works. Thank you!
However, a user have to toggle that setting in advance to avoid several minutes of “Connecting” spinner before it fails. So expect random complaints from people who will abort the app after few seconds, don’t know what’s going on and that such a feature exists.

Our application requires support from Flipper - if the custom firmware does not support the required functionality of the dev version of the firmware, we want to explicitly tell the user about it.

You are missing the point. It’s usability problem, not functional.
Android user facing apps supposed to be reactive and nonblocking.
Problem No.1: In case the firmware is wrong it takes MINUTES(!) for that to be revealed to the user.
(when the firmware is good it takes less than a second to conect, which means the version check flow is asymmetrical for some weird reason).
Problem No.2: When that’s revealed, the user is 100% blocked as there is nothing indicating how to fix that (though, I had no time to wait and see if you have changed that message/dialog/actions in it).

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