Detect Apple Air Tags

Hello with NFC the Air Tags come up as Bank Card but as seen in previous posts the flipz can’t detect it right. But when sending the signal like play sound nothing at all as a signal gets detected via the flipz. Why is that ? I am new !

That’s because the airTag uses BLE, which is 2.4 gigahertz, while the Flipper Zero can only read signals in 300-925 megahertz range.

The AirTag uses BLE for it’s functionality, but also use NFC.
When I use the flipper on a AirTag I get this information.
Airtag - 1

I’m pretty sure Apple just uses this to detect new AirTags via iPhone. This will automate the BT connectivity and aktivate the AirTag. I don’t think it’ll serve any other purpose.

NFC is not used for activation.

What to do if you get an alert that an AirTag, Find My network accessory, or set of AirPods is with you - Apple Support shows that NFC is used when an AirTag is found

I actually had one of those airPod messages when I was at a festival. Turns out I was standing in line with someone who was carrying a missed airPod. The distance however would have been too much for NFC.

But you’re right, there is an option with AirTags to show personal information when someone finds one. They do however also have a NFC feature on activation, you just hold an unactivated AirTag next to your phone and a message appears that lets you connect it.