Dave&busters nfc file?

Guys does anyone have a file link or a file for Dave and busters games? like this

Heard the OP of the video copied it from a manager’s card. That being said, it most likely won’t be released, as it jeopardizes the manager’s job if caught.

You don’t need a manager’s card. Buy your own Dave & Buster’s card then read and emulate it. Voila!

Dave and busters games are linked to a central computer that assigns card value. Example card uid 23f 34t 45 cf in there system it is registered and then when you pay the system puts that $value in there system, the card only acts as like a login.

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Thanks for the info. Which is the way it should be, honestly.

Also, I tested it today by emulating my own card. Works just fine.

it said “N/A” when they tapped it so they were probably using a managers keycard and they are asking for the managers keycard NFC File

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