Customer service help button

Came across a box on a wall at my local super market today, where it says “push here, and we will come and help you”. I guess this is something like they have at CVS / Wallgreens.’

Does anyone know anything about this thing?
The info I has is this:

Manufactor: Ritron
Model RQA-451, UHF

Its a voice-system, where when pushed, it sends a voice message to the staffs walkie-talkies, with a pre recorded voice message.


The FCC has a lot of good information. The flipper is incompatible with it. That’s FM voice which the Flipper can’t decode. Based on specs there is a hardware limitation you could not overcome.

Red Dot = 151.625 MHz for RQT-151
Green Dot = 154.600 MHz for RQT-151M
Blue Star = 467.925 MHz for RQT-451

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Is there any GPIO breakout board that can do this? Or is he just fully out of options?

It would be easier to use a Baofeng. No Flipper needed. The help button in this instance is basically a walkie talkie with a prerecorded message on it. There are similar devices the Flipper can activate though.