Create multi-paged remotes

Hi there!

I just created a combined remote based on a TV and a DVD-Player remote.
The downside is, that i have 10+ entries.

The consequences:

  • buttons with the same functionality (e.g. Power) must be distinguished by different prefixes (e.g. “DVD_…”) which may make the button-name exceed the displayable characters
  • the lists is pretty long and lacks clarity

My suggestion:
Introduce “pages” on the custom remotes (e.g. one for the TV and one for the DVD-Player).
Buttons can then be assigned to a page and everything is nicely sorted.

The Up and Down buttons have no functionality when within a custom remote.
These buttons can be used to switch pages.
Also, naming the pages (and displaying the current page’s name) may be a thing.

The assignment doesn’t have to be possible on the Flipper itself but in the editor on a laptop.
This way the IR-app does only need to support a new attribute per entry in a “.ir” file that states the page it shall be located on.


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I do like the idea, but I’m not sure if I understand 100%.

The parameter ‘page’ should be at every button, within the .ir file?

For example:

name: Left
type: parsed
protocol: SIRC
address: 01 00 00 00
command: 34 00 00 00
page: 2

I’ll test your universal remote later :slight_smile:

Every button should have the page-parameter to later be placed onto the right page of the remote.

I thought of it during a 5 km walk … May I suggest a ‘position number’ instead of a ‘page’?

It would be easier to define a layout say

‘Vol-=POS4’ ‘DWN=POS7’ ‘UP=POS8’


‘Vol-=Page1’ ‘DWN=Page2’ ‘UP=Page2’


Vol+ Vol-
Ch+ CH-



Maybe I’ve overseen something in your suggestion.

EDIT: This only apply, when you’ve got a 2 row layout. but also helpful in a 1 row layout. Just ‘Max number of items = one page’. I’ve got no time until now, to test your source.

If i get yiu right, your solution would include more than one row per page.
For now (as i am not very experienced with the flipper-OS nor C) i would like to modify the code as few as possible.

The position of the buttons within one page would still be dependent on the order within the ir-file in my solution.