Copy/clone a Mifare classic card 1K

Copy a Mifare classic card?

Love the emulate option and it works just fine with (2 out of 3 of) my cards. I would love to dump my (bricked) Proxmark and copy straight on a (emty) tag. Especially one with a -one on one- copy with the UID (block 0) on it. Could some tell me if that is -one the roadmap? Hack the planet! :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes, we’re working on writing mifare classic tags, this will be coming in the next few months


Super :+1:

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When do you think this could be enrolled?
Do you have a planning? I’m super excited :blush:

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Waiting for this as well !!!

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Is there any update on this feature? Whould be super hyped about this.

It is possible to clone with a magic card. But only a 4byte uid. Possible you need to install a fork (unleached, rogue master). I’m currently waiting to get the 7 byte uid clone possible. All my current cards have a 7 byte uid.

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