Copied Mifare Classic 1K with all keys (cracked) and all sectors, but no luck when emulating

I’ve managed to get 32/32 and 16/16 in terms of the cracked keys and retrieved sectors respectively for a Mifare Classic 1K. The card is for a VingCard system and was hardened, however I cracked the keys with my ProxMark3, then added them to my flippers dictionary, so it didn’t have any trouble supposedly cloning the card.

Upon attempting to emulate the copied card with my flipper however, I am having no success. Does anyone have any ideas why this may be? I have verified the dumps between the flipper and the PM3 dump and they match up.

Any ideas as to why the emulation is failing from the Flipper?


Appears to be well-known problem: "VIGIK" NFC reader cannot read Flipper's emulation - #11 by Astra
Can you emulate with Proxmark?

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Hmmm, I haven’t been able to emulate with the PM easy as I don’t think it’s able to do that? I have been able to write the cracked dump to other Magic Gen1a cards and use them against the reader succesfully though, so I know the dump works. @maqumih

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I think it can, but no manual at hand. For Flipper, probably no dice.