Convert signal RAW

Hi guys, I captured a RAW signal in 433 of my rolling shutter. I thought to convert analog signal to digital so i can put command on homebridge and use broadlink to send the replicate signal.

At the moment I captured the signal and saved it on my pc in .sub format.

this is my down command

down_tapp.sub (31.2 KB)

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You should use the Broadlink device to capture the signal. The format Broadlink uses is a bit different then what the Flipper uses. I don’t know of any way to convert it at this time.

I noticed. Completely different. Flipper Zero copies my command perfectly. Broadlink not perfect. I’m figuring out how to copy the command from broadlink.

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I would like to make a converter between formats but have not had the time to research it properly. It would be very handy. Good luck.