Combine multiple ir Signals into one raw sequence

I want to send multiple ir signals in a sequence with delays.
This worked for me with raw signals. I copied the raw data to a button and added the next raw data with some delay.
So now I can turn on tv, select input etc. with one Button press.

But this only works with raw data. How can I do that when the signal is parsed e.g. with NECext protocol. I did not found a way to combine multiple parsed signals into one. Is there a way?
Or how to convert the parsed signal into raw data?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

In the actual firmware is this function not implemented.
There is a universal remote, that plays different codes one after another, but the purpose is to test different ‘Power’ Codes.

  1. You could use the IR remote app as base and implement the play of more codes than one.
  2. You could take the ‘Universal Remote’ and modify the .ir file for your need.

IR Remote: flipperzero-firmware/infrared_scene_remote.c at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub
The Line 90 looks promissing infrared_tx_start_button_index(infrared, button_index);. Something with ‘infrared_tx’ should be what you are searching.

Universal Remote: flipperzero-firmware/infrared_scene_universal.c at dev · flipperdevices/flipperzero-firmware · GitHub
→ The file is found in EXT_PATH("infrared/assets/")

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A macro function should be added to the firmware. It’s a common feature all premium remotes and many cheap remotes have. We could call it BadIR if we wanted to make it sound cool. :rofl:

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There is an app floating around to do that: send multiple signals, possibly with delays, mixing IR and SubGHz.

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I believe ‘MacroIR’ is much more bada** than ‘BadIR’. Just think about all the excel macro of doom.

It would be interesting.
Instead of putting all in one command (limited to 1024 char), I would start like the ‘Universal Remote’. You cloud prepare a file, with Name: macro[n] for multiple commands. Although [n] could also be a string.
Next rename the ‘Universal Remote’ to ‘Macro Remote’ and customize the buttons.

If the 1024 char limit is a problem at ‘Type: raw’? I don’t know how a clean decoded ‘Type: parsed’ looks like. So far I’ve analyzed only a few with noise.

Here’s the problem with 3rd party faps. I can never find documentation on them. If the name doesn’t tell you exactly what it does then you have to figure it out yourself. I see a custom ir remote fap but when I open it there are no menus. It just says “Empty” with no instructions.

“Cross Remote” or so I believe, not “IR Remote” - this one is a copy of UniRF.


I’ve been trying to work around the limitation of not having a built-in “macro” command for IR buttons. I played with abusing the Universal Remote lists, but Cross Remote is massively more intuitive. Thank you!

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That app is pretty cool!