Chamberlain Billion Code

These remotes and openers came around 1993-1997 which was after the Chamberlain DIP switch remotes but before Security+.

Transmits on 390Mhz. FCC ID: HBW0710

The two remotes that I have are model 81LM which are both single-button. Some research suggests that 82LM and 83LM also exist, which have 2 and 3 buttons respectively. The chip used in the remote looks like it is from Texas Instruments with part number 125C79

81lm_1.sub (29.9 KB)
81lm_2.sub (33.7 KB)

More photos since I can only do 3 per post.

And last 3 photos I have.

are they actually used?

Probably used less than MegaCode for openers that haven’t been replaced or upgraded but a lot more than the old DIP switch remotes. Chamberlain has their universal style remotes like the 893Max that cover all their openers made since 1993 to now, so Billion Code to Security+ 2.0. The opener my remotes’ go-to is still in use and would still be using these remotes if it had not been recently upgraded with an 850LM receiver so it can use the new Security+ 2.0 remotes.