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Can you add "IR Blaster"?

I think it would be better if you add IR Blaster Remote Controller, because it looks like cheap and really useful for manipulate some devices (for example: TV/conditioner and etc…)


+1, I’ve just had the same idea, that could be really useful.



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Just registered here to post this suggestion but @molecul already did that. There’s no upvote so just +1.

I’d like to add that it would be cool to have an IR transceiver (both receiver and transmitter) to be able to “teach” the device new codes from rare/non-standart remote controls.

Okay, will look at this closely.


This is really interesting and necessary, but not at the expense of the main functionality (Это действительно интересно и нужно, но не в ущерб основному функционалу)

We build an project called IRIS and if it used this it could finger print and replay IR devices like Cell Phones, lidar range finders on vehicles etc. it could also do the ir blaster