Can Flipper zero read 125khz in keyless car?

125kHz in keyfob, keyless vehicle, Pke system (passive keyless system)

I’m not from flipper zero support but i’m almost sure that what you ask is impossible for flipper.

I don’t know much about pks but looks like radio tx/rx from fob to car so it would be way more like a garage door open remotre command than a card that you read with a read command.

So it would require flipper subghz to be able to work at 125khz and it doesn’t.

As an analogy it would be like listening to a walkie-talkie with a card cloning tool like proxmark3 or icopy-x. Same way you can’t “copy” your pks with the mentioned tools for rfid/nfc.

Even if you were able to grab the signal with rfhack or any other software defined radio the pks should be encrypted and most likely will work like public key assymetric crypto and you will not be able to do a thing of use …

My idea is that what you reques is impossible because pks is tottaly diferent tech from RFID card/fob.

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