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CAN bus module

I think the Flipper Zero would be fantastic as a CAN bus hacking tool. There’s a couple ways this could be accomplished. Most STM32 chips have integrated CAN support, so if those lines happen to be exposed to the Flipper Zero GPIO, it could be as simple as connecting two GPIO lines to a cheap eBay MCP2551 module. Alternatively, if the CAN bus of the STM32 is not exposed, a cheap eBay MCP2515 board can be used with SPI communication to the Flipper Zero. Most importantly, I’d like to put work into developing software for robust CAN bus sniffing. Desired features include filtered sniffing of certain CAN PIDs to read vehicle metrics, automated capture halving and replay to narrow down and identify packets for controlling a vehicle feature, and forwarding the Flipper Zero as a standard CAN transceiver on Linux systems (ala udev can0). I’m hoping to accompany this functionality with an open library of user-found CAN packets for known vehicles so the car hacking functionality can be as close to plug-n-play as possible.


In addition to this, I would like to determine the board footprints of common cheap eBay MCP2551 or MCP2515 and create 3D models for Flipper “hats” that contains space for the transceiver, a OBD-II connector, and pins to sit in the Flipper Zero. The Flipper Zero is small enough to fit where most OBD-II connectors exist: under the dash of the car!

Edit: 3D models for 3D printing!