Building pass

I was able to read my building pass, it said that it was likely a mifare classic - after running the app and leaving it on the card for long enough it was able to read/save. It finds the first 15 A and B keys quickly, but the last two keys take a minute to find.

Am I supposed to be able to reload this and use my Flipper in place of my pass?
I thought it would be able to emulate the card, but it appears it can’t right now.
I can ‘emulate’ the UID after reading the card, but not from loading the saved data…


What firmware version are you on?

Having the same issue just updated to latest firmware on 1st June 2022.
Still unable to use it as a an access pass Brand of fob is urmet

That’s because those fobs probably use sectors protected with keys that are not in the flipper’s dictionary. It can’t copy the card as it can’t read it.

If you want to recover those keys, you’ll have to use something like proxmark3, as the flipper doesn’t have enough computational power to run more sophisticated attacks like nested/hardnested.